Registered NDIS Provider ID: 4-FI619N8

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About US

Our Motto
The ability to Care for you at its finest!
Core Values: Honesty
Engaging with our NDIS participants with honesty and transparency is essential to our values. It is through the facilitation of robust dialogue where we aim to ensure the clarity of our services and outcomes while appropriately managing expectation between internal and external disability support workers. FineCare aims to be your trusted advisor, by ensuring all NDIS guidelines are held to the highest standard every step of the way.
Core Values: Relationships
Establishing and maintaining partnerships with our participants and their support coordinators' families in which we work is an integral function of our business. We understand the importance of working relationships and place a high priority on investing time and resources into maintaining affiliations that are mutually beneficial, productive, and respectful.
Core Values: Innovation
FineCare understands that everything Is always transparent, and we are always looking for new ways to streamline and improve the experiences of our NDIS participants. We aim to find the best solution through constant innovation, transcending the parameters of conventional thinking, all while being well within the NDIS guidelines.

Fine care is a registered NDIS provider for household tasks. We also provide support work and nursing .

We focus on delivering outstanding services to suit each participant’s specific needs. Our committed and highly responsive support team works directly with our participants to deliver the best possibile outcomes, time after time.

Our team consists of professional nurses, professional cleaners, and professional support workers who are highly qualified individuals that have developed decades of combined industry experiences within disability services.

Our technical know – how and extensive experiences give us an advantage in the industry, as we have the benefit of both the technology and a developed understanding of the individual aspects of NDIS participants, allowing for wholistic yet flexible support services.


At FineCare, the entire team will be working diligently together to deliver excellent results irrespective of the size or type of support needed. Our quality assurance system is developed to deliver the highest quality support and assistances with the relevant NDIS AND NURSING ASSOCIATION guideline.